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Team Max Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $15,000.00
Total Raised: $21,903.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 100
Members Recruited: 67

The Six Million Dollar Man!

A little over six years ago, early on a Sunday morning in March, our oldest son Max was born. Like most new parents we were totally overwhelmed, nervous and completely in love. We spent that first day in awe that we could create such an amazingly perfect little human being. On Max's second day with us, things quickly took a turn for the worse and we began to see signs that something was very wrong. Max was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where he would spend the next 71 days undergoing a slew of tests, treatments and surgeries. Max has Hydrocephalus, an incurable condition held in check by a small plastic tube inside his brain called a shunt. "Shunt" quickly became the most hated and loved word in our family. Hated because it means a lifetime of operations, infections and hospitals stays…but loved because it saved Max’s life.

Today Max is an energetic 6-year-old who’s about to finish kindergarten, loves to swim, play on the iPad and torment his younger brother. Inevitably, though, there will be more brain surgeries in his future. That's why we're taking the first step...

We're walking to support Max. We're walking to help all the families affected by this condition. We're walking to raise money in the search for a cure because hydrocephalus is a lot more common than you might realize (1 in 300 Americans). Will you join us?


Team Members:
Total Raised$21,903.00  
General Team Donation$4,700.00  
Cortney Pellettieri$835.00  
   Allison Beale$446.00  
   Dylan Bilick$0.00  
   Gabrielle Bilicki$0.00  
   Jackson Bilicki$0.00  
   Jon Bilicki$250.00  
   Amy Clark$50.00  
   Callum Clark$50.00  
   Johnny Clark$100.00  
   Johnny Clark$0.00  
   Truman Clark$50.00  
   Jeffery Cleboski$50.00  
   Stacey Cleboski$100.00  
   Trent Cleboski$50.00  
   Monica Corcoran Harel$50.00  
   Ken, Theresa & Angelina Cosci$225.00  
   Jennifer Crook$460.00  
   Charlie Culbert$0.00  
   Jed Culbert$0.00  
   Mike Culbert$0.00  
   Jen Dallas$100.00  
   Clare Davis$200.00  
   DK Dickwood$100.00  
   Lisa Edley$0.00  
   Dvora Englefield$200.00  
   Eliza Englefield$0.00  
   Marcus Englefield$0.00  
   Oliver Englefield$0.00  
   Stefanie Fair$500.00  
   Amanda Garrigus$50.00  
   Sophie Garrigus$50.00  
   Jasper Gray$50.00  
   John Gray$50.00  
   Lori Gray$100.00  
   Ozzie Gray$50.00  
   Wyatt Gray$50.00  
   Wendy Grimes$50.00  
   Gadi Harel$75.00  
   tess harel$60.00  
   Francene Hodek$375.00  
   Anne Hong$200.00  
   Elizabeth Jenkins$50.00  
   Sophie Johnson$50.00  
   Katie Klier$100.00  
   Ron Klier$100.00  
   Kattie Kotok$792.00  
   Dina Litt$50.00  
   Tia Mahmud$325.00  
   Ethel Matura$50.00  
   Sara Morrison$0.00  
   Tracy Norton$500.00  
   Judy Pellettieri$520.00  
   Max Pellettieri$180.00  
   Mike Pellettieri$5,800.00  
   Nate Pellettieri$330.00  
   Owen Pellettieri$50.00  
   Kanon Riecks$250.00  
   Jordan Roter$200.00  
   Angela Salazar$100.00  
   Heidi Sanders$100.00  
   Alison Sweeney$1,880.00  
   Amanda Valentine$50.00  
   Annabel Valentine$50.00  
   Charlotte Valentine$50.00  
   Justin Valentine$150.00  
   Jason Wasser$50.00  

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